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Pool Fencing Ballarat

All Spa & pool fencing must meet Australia standards and regulations therefore Adroit Fencing provides custom made Tubular pool fencing made from a high-grade Australian made steel.

The most popular styles of pool fencing are:

  • Flat Top & Loop Top
  • Glass

All Pool fencing no matter what style you are installing must have self-closing gates with childproof latches.

Take advantage of our years of experience supplying and installing pool fencing in Ballarat and contact our sales team for a no-obligation quote for the right solution to suit your individual needs.

  • Meets Australian Standards

  • Custom Made

  • Available in a variety of styles and colours

  • Tubular steel fencing in a powder coated colour of your choice

  • Australian made and manufactured

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Popular Pool Fencing options

  • Flat Top and Loop Top

    The gap between each vertical steel pipe is 100mm and the vertical uprights are manufactured out of 19mm round pipe which is punched through a 25 x 38mm rail for strength.

  • Glass

    Glass Fencing can be framed differently depending on the look you are after:

    • fully framed
    • semi framed
    • frameless

    You can also choose between three different finishes for the fittings:

    • brushed
    • polished
    • black

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